Salankara Creation's Unique Design Extra Ordinary Chur/Bracelet - Size Adjustable

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Product Colour

2 gms 24 Carat Gold Plated (0.002 mm thick gold layer coated over it)

Use of khilan/adjustable screw Rotate clockwise to open as per required fitting and then tight it with anti-clockwise movement. Don’t try to pull it from the product as it may damage the lock. Head of the screw is gold plated. Threaded portion is normal metal for smooth movement.
Size Adjustable - suitable for 2-4 and 2-6 & Adjustable - suitable for 2-6 and 2-8
Weight 23 gm /piece
Style Chur/Bracelet
Polish Gold Plated
Base metal Copper/Alloy

Bridal, Casual, Gifting, Office (9 to 5), Party

* 2 gms 24 Carat Gold Plated (0.002 mm thick gold layer coated over it)


This glamorous jewellery is intricated with pure 24 karat gold plating by using 2 gm gold dust proportionately to maintain 0.002 mm thick gold layer coated over it. This glamorous light weight flower shaped Chur/Bracelet is intricated with 2 gm 24 karat gold to make you attractive with pure hallmark gold colour effect. Wear it to make your day memorable with any heavy outfits. Added gold protector over the product to maintain long lasting. This Chur/Bracelet is absolutely skin friendly. This product is 0.002 mm thick gold plated. 100 percent durable. There might be some colour variation depends on the resolution of the mobile screen, pc, laptop or others electronic device. Adjustable fitted with khilan to adjust.