Salankara Creation Ball Drop Minakari Choker with Earrings Pair

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Product Colour 2 gms 24 Carat Gold Plated (0.002 mm thick gold layer coated over it)
Size Dimensions Length - 17 cm (approx), Breadth 2.5 cm (approx), Weight 25 gm. Earring - Length 2 cm (approx) Breadth 1.5 cm (approx), Weight 2 gm each. Other unspecified part is proportionate according to the designer to make the jewellery perfect.


Ball Drop Minakari Choker with Earrings
Polish Gold Plated
Material Copper/Alloy

Marriage, Party 

* 2 gms 24 Carat Gold Plated (0.002 mm thick gold layer coated over it)


This glamorous jewellery is intricated with pure 24 karat gold plating by using 2 gm gold dust proportionately to maintain 0.002 mm thick gold layer coated over it. Unique handcrafted design with Drop Minakari work & Chila cutting for extra sparkle. Added gold protector over the product to maintain long-lasting. We never use any colour. This minakari choker with earrings pair is absolutely skin-friendly. This product is plated with 0.002 mm thick real gold dust to make it 100 per cent durable. There might be some colour variation depending on the resolution of the mobile screen, pc, laptop or other electronic devices. 

About Minakari

The process usually includes the fusing of coloured powder glass onto a substrate (metal, glass or ceramics) through intense heat (usually between 750 and 850 degrees Celsius or 1382 and 1562 degrees Fahrenheit). The powder melts and cures to a smooth, durable glassy coating on metal, glass or ceramics.


Tassel design and colour may be changed based on availability.